About Me

Hi and welcome to Your Art Box! I’m Elaine and happy you’re here. I hope you bring with you the same passion for art that I have.  For my full site of artwork and art instruction classes, please visit www.elainerittlerart.com.

Here in my blog you will be able to visit, relax and browse around for tips and info regarding things like art materials you need, product reviews, discussion of different mediums and techniques to try and much more.


People often ask me how I got started in art. I was always mesmerized by art as a child – I longed to be able to draw something that looked real. In my young adult life, I taught myself to draw and realized it truly was a passion in my life.

A bit later in life (while staying home to raise my family), I was able to develop more skills through self-study, private lessons, classes from regional artists and joining an art group from which I won several awards.

After I sold my first painting, things became serious for me in creating art professionally. I participated in shows, made prints of my work available through self-publishing and began doing commissions.  You can view my work on my website:  www.elainerittlerart.com

In 2011, I developed an art instruction business and specialize in bringing art classes to seniors.

During my journey, I developed a love of my favorite mediums – colored pencil, oil, watercolor pencil  and graphite.

You can view my full portfolio, commissions and instruction on my website: www.elainerittlerart.com

Also, please visit my online stores at erittler.redbubble.com, society6.com/erittlerart

and elainerittler.imagekind.com.


Through the art instruction classes and workshops I present, the biggest satisfaction I receive is seeing the joy on the faces and in the verbal expressions of the people I serve when they are looking at a finished piece. Some say, “I didn’t know I could do this!” It just warms my heart!

[Sadly, during this pandemic, I have not been allowed to visit in person].

In thinking about the help I bring to folks in person who wish to create art, I figured why not expand the joy online too to folks like you? And… “yourartbox.com” was created.

Creating art is my #1 passion in life; a happy place where I can be me and feel at home.  There’s no other joy quite like it and I’m guessing you have that passion as well or you wouldn’t be here!


So what’s in your art box – both literally and figuratively? And how can you expand it with the right materials, tips, techniques, desire and motivation? Hopefully, this site will help you achieve that by bringing you information you want and need to fill Your Art Box.

All the best in your art endeavors,