3 Best Watercolor Brush Pens – So Much More Than Markers

The art medium Markers has gained a lot of attention over the last few years. But manufacturers have taken markers to the next level by creating watercolor brush pens. I’ve had the opportunity to try 3 different brands—Tombow, Sakura Koi and Arteza brush pens. Each has their own strengths and weaknesses. I will be sharing … Read more

Tips for How to Find Inspiration for Art – Finding Your Art Muse

We’ve all experienced it, that artistic fervor when the ideas are flowing like water—you can’t crank the pieces out fast enough and are enjoying every minute of it. Then, for whatever the reason may be —too many things piled on your plate, unrelated issues or problems distracting us, not enough time, feelings of self-doubt, etc.—we … Read more

Best Colored Pencils – Prismacolor Pencils

Have you started doing some artwork using colored pencils but wondering if you’re using the best colored pencils for art? Maybe you like to color or maybe you’ve decided you like the medium and want to get serious about creating art with them. In either scenario, you have discovered how nice it is to work … Read more

How to Use Watercolor Pencils

Have a set of watercolor pencils sitting on a shelf collecting dust because you haven’t a clue how to use them? Well I’m guessing since you’re here you’ve decided to dust them off, break open the box and figure out how to use watercolor pencils. “So, do you just wet the pencil to use them?”, is … Read more

How to Make Money from Your Art – A Unique Way

You’ve been creating art for a while, joined art clubs, created and sold pieces, did commissions and participated in shows. Maybe you’ve gotten your work into galleries as well. At least, you’re getting a sale or a commission occasionally. And maybe you’re lucky enough to be making a full-time income. But maybe it’s a part-time … Read more