10 Easy Ways for How to Improve Your Art Skills

Whether you have been creating art for awhile or are just beginning, I’m guessing you have what I refer to as having a “fire in the belly” for creating art. That is akin to having a food craving (like my frequent chocolate craving—has to be dark, though, not the milk chocolate, lol, but I digress!). … Read more

Best Paper For Colored Pencil – It’s All In The Tooth

If you have landed here to read about the best paper for colored pencil, it might be that you are less than satisfied with your colored pencil work. You may have some of the best colored pencils—Faber-Castell Polychromos, Prismacolor Premier, Koh-i-Noor, to name a few. Also, you may have the basics down: layering, blending shading, … Read more

How to Draw Anime – You Can Do It!

The world of Anime – the characters have huge eyes and are absolutely adorable and striking. Not only are these characters of Japanese animation cute, they are very popular. If you google the word anime, you will find over 2 billion results! Just looking at images of these anime characters, I became intrigued and sought … Read more

Pastel Pencils Review – Derwent Brand

As drawing mediums go, probably one of the most little talked about drawing tool is the pastel pencil. Soft and hard pastels themselves (in block form) are a well-known medium which produces stunning results. The photo to the right from Pixabay, created by Courtney Crookes, is a testament to what can be done with pastel … Read more