Shading with Colored Pencils -Beginner’s Guide

If you are a newbie color pencil artist, you have already begun to experience the joy of using this wonderful medium. Some of you may have an extensive collection of art pieces that you have completed in colored pencils or even just colorings you have done using colored pencil. However, some of you may be … Read more

How to Draw Cat Whiskers and Leaf Veins

If you’ve ever drawn a cat or other animal you may be stuck on how exactly to do the whiskers. I mean, they are white  and we know we really can’t just use a white pencil to draw the whiskers over an area built up with layers of dark color. Well, we could, but it … Read more

What is the Color Wheel? – Color Theory Definition & Basics

Most artists know about this term – color theory – and what it means or they couldn’t very effectively create a successful piece of art. However, if you’re just starting out or only draw in graphite but want to branch out into the world of color, you may have wondered – what is the color … Read more

5 Best Drawing Tools – Must Haves to Draw Your Best

Whether you are drawing with graphite or colored pencils, there are tools that can make your drawing sessions go more smoothly. But what are those tools and where can you get them? This article assumes you already have the essentials – pencils, paper, blending stumps etc. What this article will discuss is 5 best drawing … Read more