Art – the Expressions of Life


I truly believe that art is expressing life around us whether we are creating portraits of people, houses or pets, still life, florals, landscapes, waterscapes, etc.

From the moment that first stroke of a pencil, pastel or brush meets the art surface to the last, the journey of each piece is unique and enjoyable (ok maybe with a few frustrations along the way sometimes).

It’s fun to ponder in your mind, “I wonder where I’ll be going today” when you begin your journey.


We all bring our own individual ideas, impressions and interpretations which flow onto our own unique art pieces.

And isn’t it wonderful to be able to capture all those onto our art surface, whatever the medium?

In the classes I present to my seniors, often I will hear things like, “It’s amazing how we all work on the same picture, yet they’re all different.” or “Everyone’s picture is good in it’s own way.

ART IS EXPRESSIVE                                   

Some folks are super critical of their own piece and this is too bad.  I always feel bad that they have a wall precluding the understanding that expressing themselves is a huge part of their work.

What percentage is expressive exactly?  Very hard to say, but I do know that beyond the technical skill,  much of art is expressive.

And I am certain that mood and memories that a subject may evoke in you is transferred and becomes incorporated into the final piece.


If people could just believe in themselves (even if not technically proficient) and know that each piece builds on the next one you will succeed in art.

Even pieces along the way that are real “duds” have value as well, lessons to learn .  We are expressing life around us – from photorealism style to abstract we are interpreting the world around us.  So let go, enjoy the journey, believe in yourself and keep creating Art, the Expressions of Life.


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