Hot Vs. Cold Press Watercolor Paper

You’ve probably heard the terms cold press or hot press watercolor paper but are not exactly sure what that means and what would be best for you. I remember when I started using watercolor pencils (which requires watercolor paper), I purchased cold press simply because it was more popular and have happily used it for … Read more

How to Sharpen Colored Pencils – Simplified

Sharpened colored pencils

If you work with colored pencils as an art medium, undoubtedly you have experienced the frustration of sharpening your pencils. You try to sharpen them in a handheld sharpener, and they keep breaking again and again. It’s broken down to the wood showing no visible pigment. The electric pencil sharpener manufacturers say not to sharpen … Read more

Basic Colored Pencil Techniques—Improve Your Colored Pencil Art

Colored Pencil has certainly risen in popularity over the past decade with the advent of coloring books for adults. It is a wonderful medium that is fun to use, relatively easy to learn, and is very relaxing. Whether you are an avid colorist who wants to go to the next level, an artist who never … Read more

Art – the Expressions of Life

EXPRESSING LIFE I truly believe that art is expressing life around us whether we are creating portraits of people, houses or pets, still life, florals, landscapes, waterscapes, etc. From the moment that first stroke of a pencil, pastel or brush meets the art surface to the last, the journey of each piece is unique and … Read more