Best Artist Drawing Board – Visual Edge Slant Board

Looking for a great portable board for drawing? Well look no further. I’d like to tell you about a board I discovered, originally created for reading and writing, that serves me greatly as an artist for drawing/sketching.

If you like to quick sketch an idea or sit down for a serious piece, this is the best artist drawing board and the only drawing board you will ever need. Read on to find out why.

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Visual Edge Slant Board

Utility. Versatility. Quality. Sturdy. Portable. Ergonomic. Compact. I can use all these words to describe this excellent board. And surprisingly it was not created initially for artists.

That’s right, a parent whose daughter had a visual processing problem developed this board with slant board to help her. Researchers have determined that our brains process information more efficiently and comfortably with the material at a slant—22 degrees to be exact. So, it is marketed as a reading/writing board.

But can the Visual Edge Slant Board really help artists, too? Yes! Let me explain how!

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Accuracy When Drawing

I have used the Visual Ege Slant Board for about 2 years now. I like it so much I purchased two—one for the studio and one for my classes.

In the studio, I can use it when I create colored pencil work, graphite drawing, or my initial sketch of a project. Researchers have proven that a 22-degree angle is best for your comfort and your visual processing. And the truth is it’s actually optimal for drawing more accurately, too.

Please note the differences in the following pictures. This first one on the left is on a flat surface. Notice how the image looks longer or distorted.

When drawing a picture on flat surface, you run the risk of the creating an image that looks elongated. This is because with the paper flat, the you are seeing the image with changing perspective.

The picture on the right is on the slant board. The angle allows you to view the whole picture in the same perspective. This allows you draw with much more accuracy).

These all happen to be the same picture. So obviously, I was able to render the flowers in proper proportion by rendering it on my slant board.


Fold Out Legs

The Visual Edge Slant Board comes with these sturdy little legs that you can fold out when you sketch. They lock in place too for extra stability. There are rubber caps on the leg ends as well as so no worries about scratching a table! The legs, of course, fold back in, nice and flat making it compact to store or transport.


Rubber Stops

There are two rubber feet on the back of the board at the bottom corners. With

these and the rubber end caps on the ends of the legs, the board will not annoyingly slide as you work—it nicely stays in place!

Strong Dual Clips

It has these wonderful clips for paper so you can just slide your paper under there, and it’s not going anywhere. They come with plastic caps on the corners of the clips to protect your paper as well.

Dry Erase Board

Another great feature is that the smooth hard board (excellent for using colored pencil, by the way! and please click here for Basic Colored Pencil Techniques) is also a dry erase board. This allows you to

sketch quickly your ideas with the dry erase marker.

I love this feature because when the ideas are flowing, you can quickly capture your ideas and correct them easily, too.

Of course, you can wipe away the dry erase marker with a tissue. But what if the marker has been on there for a while? No problem. You can clean the surface with any dry erase cleaner, a bit of rubbing alcohol, or even hand gel very easily.

Magnetic Surface

The surface is also magnetic, which comes in handy for a small note, too, in case you need both clips for your art paper. Also, it’s useful if you are using the board for display on a larger easel.

Removable Book Catch

It also comes with a 5 1/2″ thick clear plastic book catch that can be removed entirely or re-positioned anywhere at the bottom with the convenient Velcro strip on the back. Quite a well-thought-out feature and nice that it can be completely removed, if needed.

Ergonomic Design

The 22-degree angle reduces eye strain since you will be visually processing at all the same perspective. Also, it will automatically give you better posture while working. Neck and back strain while drawing will be a thing of the past. Instead of a “hunching over” your work on a flat surface, you’ll be comfortable with better focus and attention where it should be – on your art!


This board measures 12″ x 18″ making it a very manageable size for both in the studio or on the go. It’s also very lightweight weighing in at only 2 pounds! Bye-bye big bulky, heavy wood boards!

This board was also designed and built with the utmost quality in mind. This is a very sturdy board with very strong fasteners holding the quality features in place. After 2 years of owning this board, it’s still going strong and shows no signs of wear.

The 22 degree angle makes it perfect for working. One of my students is visually impaired. Distance and working flat was a problem for her. She purchased the board and found working on it was perfect for her!

It also comes in many bright, cheerful colors. The color is solid on the back of the board and borders the white board on the front side.

How I Use This Board as an Artist

As mentioned earlier, I work on this board in my studio to sketch out initial ideas for project, “thumbnails” if you will, with the dry erase markers. I also render class project art pieces on this board as well as professional commissions.

For teaching, I place this board on a portable floor easel I use. I demo and work right on my art paper on the board as I teach. I can also do a quick marker drawing on the board itself to demo a concept as well.

With the board being so lightweight, I can easily lift it off the easel and walk closer to my participants to show them my work with the clips securely holding my finished work and work in progress.

This is a great board for colored pencil or any dry media. I have also used it for watercolor pencil, too. I tend to paint watercolor very dryly so water running down the page doesn’t tend to happen.

Must Have

This board is so versatile I have two students who purchased it on my recommendation and just love it. If you are looking for a really good board, this is a must have. I believe the extra features on this one make it the best artist drawing board:

  • smooth hard surface
  • perfect 22-degree angle
  • dry erase board
  • magnetic
  • clips to hold work
  • removable, re-positionable book catch that “catches” paper too!
  • lightweight
  • great size
  • sturdy
  • durable
  • outstanding quality
  • affordable price

The Visual Edge Slant Board has my full endorsement. It will be soon become a valued piece of art equipment that you simply cannot do without.

Thanks for reading. Please feel free to leave comments below.

Have an artful day!





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